1. Who is eligible for our services?

Families who have a child or young person up to the age of 18 with a life threatening or terminal illness, poor, vulnerable, orphan and disaster affected children throughout the India are eligible for our services.

2. Are you a free service?

Yes, but you will be asked to pay for things like children’s outings.

3. How are you funded?

We get a minimal percentage of funding from the online business and the rest is raised through fundraising from well thinking friends and supporters.

4. Are you sensitive to cultural issues?

Yes. We have successfully worked with families of different cultures and backgrounds over the years.

5. How are families/children introduced to Edamuri Charity?

Families / children are referred to Edamuri Charity from a number of sources provided the referral is with the knowledge and agreement of the family.

6. What age do you cover ?

We work with families with children up to 18 years old.

7. If there support available in our area?

At present, we have two teams of  Support Workers in Kerala (South India) and Delhi NCR who provide emotional and practical support for families at home, at hospital, at orphanage, at old age home and in the community. (details will be updated soon). However, we are planning to increase support across the India, with the help of our volunteers.

8. How long can you support for?

We support families for as long as you need us.

9. How frequent is the support?

Our support is very flexible and we support when needed, tailoring support to your needs. We do try and work on a priority basis.

10. How does to transport hospital works?

Family Support Workers all have cars which allows them to transport families to hospital. These are able to accommodate wheelchairs and buggies in the boot space but the vehicles are not wheel chair accessible.

11. Do you work at weekends ? What are your working hours?

Yes. We work 24/7.

12. Can I/We support Edamuri Charity?

Yes, Ofcourse, You can support us by financially, physically and voluntarily.

13. Can I/We support any needed family directly?

Yes, Ofcourse, You can. (Please contact us for details.)

14. Can I/we participate in School Bag drive?

Yes, Fund a School Bag clickhere

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